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Twitter is not just for teens and twenty-somethings anymore. Instead, it is a valuable business tool you can use to promote your blog. Like all other forms of technology, you need to lose Twitter the right way, or you run the risk of losing readers and even making some online enemies. Follow these tips for using Twitter to promote your business blog.

Twitter Name Creation

When you sign up for Twitter, you will be asked to choose a user name. Too many people make the mistake of picking something like Joe194 or Gurlie921. Your Twitter name should tell people about who you are or what your blog is about. Someone with a blog about nursing might choose the user name “nurseblogger” or “surgicalnurse.” If you want to blog about marketing, “marketingmaven” or “marketingexpert” would fit. Pick a name that will not confuse people about what you do.

Completing a Profile

You should treat your Twitter profile like an advertisement for your blog. If your profile is empty, it won’t attract the interest of other people. If your profile lists your expertise, other Twitter users will be more likely to follow you and click the links leading to your blog posts.


Twitter gives you plenty of opportunities for linking to your blog posts, but there are a few things you should know before you start tweeting links. You need to shorten your links using a URL shortening service, or else they will exceed Twitter’s 140-character limit. Once you have a shortened URL for your blog post, send out a tweet with the link and a short description. Don’t tweet something like “Here’s my new blog post.” You want to draw readers to your blog by sparking their interest. A tweet that says “Is your water bottle giving you cancer?” is sure to capture attention and get people to click on the link to your blog post. Avoid tweeting about the same link multiple times, as you do not want to lose followers because they are annoyed with your Twitter habits.


Twitter offers a number of customization options that you should use if you want to promote your blog or website. Upload a custom background image that includes the name of your blog, your business logo, your tagline and a short description of your blog. Doing this will help you build your own personal brand.

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