Welcome to Open Melody

Published on by Pavel Ushakov in Business Blogs, Movable Type, Open Melody category.

Movable Type at one time was at the top of the Blogging chain but has slowly been declining. There’s a new movement in the community to create a software with the original principals and ideals of Movable Type and to remove what’s been dragging it down with recent releases.

We would like introduce to you, Melody. Melody is an open-source blogging platform derived from Movable Type. It’s goal is to create more community input and support, continue to expand on features, remain compatible with MT’s themes and plugins while offering many of their own, and fix many bugs in the original software.

The Melody community’s goal is to remove features and functions that have lead to Movable Type becoming a bloated former vision of it’s self. Melody differentiates itself from Movable Type through a more supported, and excited community or users, developers and designers.

Still not convinced? Try it for yourself and tell us what you think.