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What a WordPress Consultant Can Do for You

WordPress is a very reliable blogging platform that powers millions of blogs throughout the world. Despite its reliability, problems occasionally arise when you are updating a plugin, publishing a new post, or upgrading your theme. If you are not an experienced WordPress developer, it may take hours for you…


Hiring a WordPress Consultant

If you have decided to hire a blog consultant to keep your blog running smoothly, you have made a good choice. An experienced consulting company can handle all of the technical issues associated with maintaining a blog. Some consultants also offer blog training and instruction on producing high-quality content…


How to Choose the Right WordPress Consulting Company

WordPress is ideal for business and personal websites, as it is a full-featured software program that allows you to customize everything from how content is displayed to how visitors can interact with you. If you do not have any coding experience or experience managing a blog, working with a…


Managing your passwords with

In our line of work as Blog Consultants, data security is a top priority. It protects our company, as well our blog clients. Malicious attacks, Trojans, spyware, malware and viruses put the data at risk if we don’t take the necessary steps to protect it. Protecting our client’s…


Social Media Jobs, business acumen & ambitions

Children’s dreams and ambitions change over time, just like technology evolves.  New opportunities in the job market are allowing for old school Marketers – those of the print and mail ilk – to learn new ways to deploy their brand using the technology in Social Media platforms.


It takes a village to raise a corporate blog during start-up

Hello readers!  My name is Marcus Anderson and I will be posting many more articles on blogging & social media topics for you in the future.  I have launched several blog hubs for social media campaigns in my 23-year corporate career. One thing that every corporate or business blog…


Starting a blog? Just pick a horse and ride it

Starting a new blog is very similar to coming up with its first topic.  There are hundreds of reasons to initiate this technology for your business, and literally thousands of topics that could be written about Social Media. I could, and probably will, spend the next year typing them…


Resources for WordPress Themes

One of the selling points for individual bloggers to go with WordPress over any other blog platform is WordPress’s community. The community that contributes to WordPress in many different ways: some help out in forums, others write…


Movable Type or WordPress?

Every other person I talk to asks the million dollar question — which blog platform do you recommend, WordPress or Movable Type? First of all it’s nearly impossible to describe and list the features of both applications in a single blog post. There are many…


FirmDot is now

Dear FirmDot Customer, We’re excited to announce a new name in blog consulting — namely, We’re adopting the new name to better reflect who we are: your partner of choice for understanding how to get the most out of your blog. What does this mean for you? It doesn’t change…