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How to Select a WordPress Theme

One of the best features of WordPress is the availability of thousands of themes to help you customize your blog. There are many free themes available for business owners who are just starting out and don’t have a large budget yet, but there are also…


Customization Features of WordPress

Some website owners are tempted to use stock templates without customizing them. While this is an inexpensive way to get a website off the ground, failing to add any custom features or design elements is a bad idea. If you run a personal website, using…


How to Write Good Blog Posts and Attract New Readers

If you want to keep readers coming back for more, you’ve got to give them great content. Writing good blog posts is about much more than selecting a topic and writing about it. You also need to format the post properly and make it easier for people to read….


Benefits of Using WordPress for a Full-Featured Website

WordPress is a blogging platform that millions of people use to share their thoughts with the world. What many people don’t know is that this platform can also be used to create full-featured websites for business and personal use. Because the software is free, using WordPress…


Tips for Keeping Your Blog Secure

Maintaining a WordPress blog is one of the best ways to connect with other people, whether you use it to communicate with people who have similar hobbies or you use it as a way to attract people to your business. However, hosting a blog on your website does present…


Design Tips to Make Your Blog Reader Friendly

If you have a blog, you probably want people to read it. Whether you’re blogging about your personal life or trying to attract customers to your business, you need to avoid several common design mistakes that drive people away from blogs. Although these mistakes are common, they are easy…


Creative Ways to Get Content Ideas for Your Blog

Starting a blog is an exciting adventure, but most people don’t stop to think about how they are going to consistently produce quality content. Since you should post at least once per week, you will need a minimum of 52 posts per year. If every post is 400 words,…


Top SEO Mistakes Blog Owners Make

Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to a set of techniques used to make a blog more accessible to search engine spiders. These spiders crawl the text on your blog and index each of your site’s pages. The goal of SEO is to make your blog show up at the…


10 Blogging Rules You Should Never Break

Starting a blog is a great way to get your creative juices flowing and connect with people all over the world. Whether you’re blogging just for fun or you’re blogging to find new customers, there are several rules of blogging that you should never break….


How We Benefit From Blogging

Many people are intimidated by the idea of starting a blog, but blogging is simply publishing content regularly. Although blogging frequently has some benefits, you do not have to spend hours each week writing and publishing content. Even one post per week can benefit your business or enhance your…