How to Choose a WordPress Theme for Your Business Blog

Published on by Pavel Ushakov in Business Blogs category.

There are thousands of themes available for WordPress, making the robust blogging platform an ideal choice for business blogs. Using a theme makes it easy to create an attractive design without spending hours writing code and testing it to make sure it works. However, choosing the right theme is something you should not take lightly. Use these tips to choose the best theme for your blog.

Stick to Your Niche

Many WordPress themes are very versatile, so you can use them for any niche. There are themes out there made for specific niches, however, so it is important to use one that matches your industry. An accountant should use a theme that relates to financial planning, bookkeeping, or other accounting topics. A cookbook writer or executive chef should look for a food-related theme. Using a theme that relates to your industry ties your whole blog together and makes it look more professional.

Keep it Simple

Fancy themes make sense in creative industries such as graphic design and makeup artistry, but they are not as appropriate for dentists, doctors, attorneys, and other business professionals. When choosing a theme, keep it simple. Your readers will be using a variety of different browsers, operating systems, and Internet speeds, and you want your site to work well for all of them. Skip the fancy add-ons that don’t really do anything to improve the user experience, and stick with a simple theme that has everything you need for your site.

Avoid Stipulations

If you plan to use WordPress for a business blog, steer clear of free themes that come with stipulations such as linking to the designer’s site in the footer of every page. These are fine for personal blogs, but every page of your business blog should keep readers engage. If you have links to sites that are not related to your niche, people will question your credibility. Following these terms of use also makes it clear that you were not willing to invest in your business and purchase a theme that does not require you to agree to such stipulations.

Consider Layout

One of the best things about WordPress themes is that you can preview them and see how they will look on a live blog. This makes it possible to determine if the theme’s layout is suitable for your business blog. If the layout looks cluttered, it might be better to choose another theme that will not distract readers from the information you are trying to provide. Some theme developers will even let you see sites that have been designed using a particular theme so that you can get an idea of how your finished site will look.

Keep Design in Mind

Many themes make it very easy to integrate photos, video, and other types of content into your site. Others are a little more difficult to use, so keep this in mind when choosing a theme. You should choose a theme that allows you to add photo and video, change font styles and colors, and move graphic elements around without having to edit the WordPress code. Doing so makes it easy to update your blog on a regular basis, which is something search engines love.

When you first start a business blog, all of the options available can be a little overwhelming. An experienced WordPress blogging consultant can help you determine your needs and then find a theme that matches them. No matter your budget or your industry, there is a WordPress theme that is right for your business website.