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In our line of work as Blog Consultants, data security is a top priority. It protects our company, as well our blog clients. Malicious attacks, Trojans, spyware, malware and viruses put the data at risk if we don’t take the necessary steps to protect it. Protecting our client’s WordPress or Hosting login information is of the utmost importance to us. In the past, we shared login information with each other via e-mail and instant messages, but this method of sharing important information is no longer safe.

Meet It allows us to store every one of our passwords and other login details for quick reference. Employees of our company can access the secure database whenever they need to access clients’ login information. Passpack offers extra security with its complex login algorithm. Users must take several steps before they can log in, which reduces the risk of outsiders accessing confidential information by guessing your username/password combination.

Once we get into Passpack, we can easily find our passwords by using tags, filtering through predefined options, or paging through passwords in alphabetical order. Each entry contains identifying information such as a name, password, username and URL of the page the login information is for. Users can set how they want to share their passwords, making it possible for us to share some passwords between employees and others exclusively with administrators. The interface also allows us to safely share passwords with our clients by generating a secure PIN code they use when they attempt to view their password.

The security features of Passpack give us confidence that our customers data is secure. For example it has a password generator to help us create stronger passwords. It scrambles fields so passwords are hidden when visitors are in the office. And Passpack also contains anti-phishing messages, offline backup of password data, two-factor authentication and disposable logins for use on public computers or when traveling. It prevents people from stealing our passwords with key-loggers, as it has an on-screen keyboard for password entry. Our administrators can manage permissions, revoke shared passwords, control who shares and edits passwords, and add or delete users.

We save a lot of time with Passpack, as it allows us to log in to more than 25,000 websites with just one click. It also makes it possible for us to collaborate and share information easily with secure messaging and other protected collaboration tools. The price is just right, as Passpack costs as little as $1.50 per month for web workers and no more than $40 per month for businesses that need to manage 10,000 passwords and 1,000 shared groups.

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  1. Amanda

    Another cloud password manager that’s really gaining popularity is Intuitive Password. You should check it out.

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