TV going Social with Blogs, Facebook and Twitter

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oldtvAmazing isn’t it? Just 1 year ago you wouldn’t hear Blog, Facebook or Twitter words on TV even if you really looked. Now it’s all over the place! Larry King has both; Dr. Phil keeps asking people to check his Twitter account (not that I watch Dr. Phil); Oprah has a Twitter account; I remember just a couple of months ago CNN had a battle with Ashton Kutcher on who gets the most Twitter followers within a certain time-frame. Ashton of course won, with a little over 4,000,000 followers under his belt.

There was even a movie released last year called Julie and Julia (available on DVD) that’s all about blogs and cooking. Since it’s about blogs I just had to watch it 🙂 You see, I started working with blogs in 2002 (you can read more on our About Us page) and just a couple of years ago you would have to really look hard to find a magazine or a book that mentions blogs. Now it’s all over the place which is both shocking and exciting at the same time. To me anyway. Before people used to say “If you don’t have a website you are not a real business”, and today it’s “If you don’t have a blog you are not a real business”. Amazing how far blogs have come.

It is fun to watch getting Fortune 500 companies become our blog hosting and consulting clients. Companies like Adobe, TIME, Cisco, Washington Post, CapitalOne, Harvard, Expedia, National Geographic, and many others. Over the years we’ve assisted many companies and individuals with various blog requests, and I’m really looking forward to helping many more in 2010, and years to come.

If you don’t have a Blog, Facebook or Twitter — you should really start one. It’s fun, and to some it’s life-changing.

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  1. Anet Dunne

    You’re right, Pavel, and in TV shows we see teenagers teaching their parents how to use the Web. On CBS’s <a href=””>The Good Wife</a> the teenager tells the Mom that it is “all over the Internet” about the Dad’s affair with a prostitute. “How did you know that?!” the outraged mother demands. “Google Alerts,” the kid sheepishly admits.

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