How WordPress Makes Marketing Easier

Published on by Pavel Ushakov in WordPress category.

Using the WordPress blogging software has a number of benefits, such as the ability to create a functional website without any previous coding or design experience. What many people don’t realize is that WordPress also makes it easier to market your products and services. The platform’s plugins and built-in functions make it easier to attract people in your target market and convince them that they need what you are selling. These are just some of the ways WordPress makes it easier to market any business.


Most marketing is very one-sided; you put an advertisement in the newspaper or record a television commercial without knowing if your efforts are changing the way people think about your products and services. When you use WordPress to start a company blog, you make it possible for customers to interact with company representatives on a regular basis. Instead of spending money on a marketing tactic and hoping it works, you can use the information gleaned from interacting with customers to develop marketing strategies that produce great results. You can also solicit feedback about your products and services or conduct market research to determine which new products and services would be the most profitable.

Easy Optimization

Search engine optimization is a strategy that every company should be using to generate targeted website traffic. SEO is not about tricking the search engines or stuffing content with keywords. Instead, your SEO techniques should make it easier for the search engines to find and index your pages. A good SEO strategy will also make it easier for people in your target market to find your website. WordPress makes it easy to optimize every page of your website for specific keywords, as it has built-in SEO fields on every page. WordPress also makes it easy to add meta data, optimized page titles, and other SEO elements to your pages and blog posts.

Personalization Options

Using a blogging platform like WordPress to create and manage your website makes it easy to personalize your site and gear your content toward specific audiences. If your company sells products to senior citizens, for example, you can easily change the default font of your website to something large enough for most seniors to read. WordPress also allows you to integrate photo and video into every page and post, making it easier to attract people who would rather watch a video or listen to an audio clip than read the text on a website.

Team Site Management

WordPress makes it easy to allow several members of your marketing team to post new content and respond to customer inquiries. This is much harder to do with traditional websites, as you may have to pay a website designer to update your content every time you have something new to say. If the designer does not have time to update your website right away, you may even lose out on time-sensitive marketing opportunities. WordPress allows you to create separate user logins for everyone on your marketing team. If your website manager is out of the office, one of your other team members can easily post new content. This is especially helpful when you want to post press releases or address serious issues. WordPress also allows you to designate team members use authors or administrators. Administrators can make high-level changes to the website, while authors are limited to posting new content and performing basic functions.

If you need to market a product or service, WordPress can reduce your marketing costs and make it easier to reach people in your target market. If you need help choosing a template, setting up new user accounts, or customizing your blog, a WordPress blogging consultant can help you create a website that gives you a solid return on your investment.