Top Reasons to Use WordPress for Corporate Blogs

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Many people think of WordPress as a blogging platform that is for people who just want to talk about their hobbies or share pictures of their kids. This could not be further from the truth. WordPress is actually a very functional platform that makes it easy to create corporate blogs and business websites that attract customers and help business owners make more sales. If you are not familiar with the benefits of using WordPress for a corporate blog, discuss your needs with a WordPress blogging consultant. In the meantime, here are a few reasons many corporations are now switching to WordPress.

Multiple Accounts

One of the many benefits of a corporate blog is that it lets customers get to know people at your company, giving you an opportunity to build trust and encourage loyalty. When several people post website content under the same name, it makes people question your sincerity. WordPress allows you to create multiple user accounts so that people with different voices and writing styles can build their own audiences and keep people coming to your site to read more.

Customer Interaction

WordPress has a robust commenting system that makes it easy to interact with your customers. If you are new to corporate blogging, WordPress makes it easy for people to ask questions about your products and services, report problems with their orders, and post feedback about their experiences with your company. No additional coding is required for this functionality, so you will be ready to interact with customers as soon as WordPress is installed and customized to your liking.

Social Media Integration

More and more customers are now turning to social media to learn more about products and services they are interested in buying. Your company should have several social media accounts to make it easier to interact with people on Twitter, Facebook, and other networks. One of the biggest advantages of using WordPress for a corporate blog is that you can easily integrate your social media campaign with your blogging campaign. WordPress has dozens of plugins to make social bookmarking and sharing easier. Making it easier for people to share your content makes it more likely that they will do so, so featuring your social media profiles on your corporate blog is an ideal way to get people talking about your company.


A small business owner usually does not need much in the way of website functionality, but a corporation does. Another major benefit of using WordPress for your corporate blog is its scalability. WordPress has the ability to grow with your blog and its readership, which can help keep your corporate blog running smoothly even if you experience big increases in traffic or decide to add new features to your site. The thousands of plugins available also makes it easy to customize your corporate blog and set it apart from the blogs of other companies in your industry.

Whether you are new to blogging or you have been a corporate blogger for years, WordPress clearly has many benefits. If you are not sure how to use WordPress to its fullest advantage, a corporate blogging consultant can help you with everything from customizing a theme to keeping your site secure.

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